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Collection Development: For Faculty

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Faculty Liaisons and Subject Librarians/Bibliographers

Department Faculty Liaison Phone Librarian Email
Anthropology Elizabeth Cartwright (208) 282-2529

C. Sebold
Art Jonathan Fardy (208) 282-2488 J. Semenza
Biological Sciences   (208) 282-3790 R. Melton
Business Nicole Hanson (208) 282-2281 S. Shropshire
Chemistry Andrew Holland (208) 282-4278 J. Semenza
College of Technology Donald Allen (208) 282-4094 S. Shropshire
Communication, Media, and Persuasion, Department of Jim DiSanza (208) 282-3395 B. Holst
Communication Sciences & Disorders Connie Miller (208) 282-5341 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Informatics and Computer Science Thomas Ottaway (208) 282-2601 T. Harden
Counseling David Kleist (208) 282-4315 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Dental Hygiene Ellen J. Rogo (208) 282-3017 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Dietetics Cynthia Blanton (208) 282-3953 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Economics Tesa Stegner (208) 282-2393 P. Homan
Education: Organizational Leadership & Performance Melika Shirmohammadi (208) 282-3611 C. Gray
Education: School Psychology & Educational Leadership Mark Neill (208) 282-5646 C. Gray
Education: Sport Science & Physical Ed. Kolby Cordingley (208) 282-5296 C. Gray
Education: Teaching & Educational Studies Wendy Ruchti (208) 282-3128 C. Gray
Engineering--Civil and Environmental Solomon Leung (208) 282-2524 J. Semenza
Engineering--Electrical Vitit Kantabutra (208) 282-3405 J. Semenza
Engineering--Mechanical     J. Semenza
Engineering--Nuclear Dan La Brier (208) 282-7876 J. Semenza
English Hal Hellwig (208) 282-2610 S. Shropshire
Family Practice Residency Program John Holmes (208) 282-4700
(208) 282-3387
B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Global Studies and Languages (Foreign Languages) Malliga Och (208) 282-3717 S. Shropshire
Geosciences Paul Link (208) 282-3846 J. Semenza
Geotechnology Paul Link (208) 282-3846 J. Semenza
Government Documents     B. Downing
Health Care Admin. Ruiling Guo (208) 282-2927 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Health Education Willis McAleese (208) 282-2729 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
History Erika Kuhlman (208) 282-5675 E. Ryan
Mathematics Wenxiang Zhu (208) 282-3293 T. Harden
Medical Laboratory Science Marj Montanus (208) 373-1716 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Military Science Photina Haumschilt
CPT Aaron Harris
(208) 282-4264
(208) 282-3754
S. Jardine
Music Shandra Helman (208) 282-3024 S. Shropshire
Nursing Susan Belliston (208) 282-3278 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Occupational Therapy Bryan Gee (208) 282-3629 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Pharmacy Practice & Admin. Rebecca Hoover (208) 282-2587 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Pharmaceutical Sci. Rebecca Hoover (208) 282-2587 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Philosophy James Skidmore (208) 282-3160 K. Bridges
Physical Therapy Evan Papa (208) 282-1914 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Physician Assist. Prog. Dave Martin (208) 282-4878 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Physics Steven Shropshire (208) 282-2212 J. Semenza
Political Science Wayne Gabardi (208) 282-4536 S. Jardine
Psychology/Clinical Psychology Tara Stewart (208) 282-3428

B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Public Health Program Elizabeth Fore (208) 282-4829 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Radiographic Science Christopher Wertz (208) 282-2871 B. Bolin
K. Whitman
Sociology, Social Work and Criminology Jeehoon Kim (208) 282-4382 B. Holst
Theatre & Dance Vanessa Ballam (Theatre)
Kathleen Diehl (Dance)
(208) 282-3173
S. Shropshire




Subject Area Library Contact Phone
Native American Studies S. Shropshire
Women's Studies S. Shropshire

How the Library Supports Faculty Interests

Department Liaisons and Subject Collections

The Library designates a portion of its collection budget to support specific subject areas and assigns librarians to oversee the expenditure of subject area library budgets. These subject areas are aligned with the academic departments on campus, and each department is asked to name a faculty member to liaise with their library counterpart to enhance the collection. We welcome faculty input for collection purchases.  Department Liaisons and Subject Librarians


University Library Committee

The ULC is a body of faculty who are elected by their respective departments to represent large university groups such as health sciences faculty, arts & humanities faculty, etc.  The ULC meets periodically throughout the academic year and acts in an advisory capacity to the Library Dean.University Library Committee


Use of Departmental and/or College Funds for Library Purchases

The Library has made arrangements with the Colleges of Business, Nursing and Pharmacy, as well as the Dental Hygiene, and Health Physics to maintain subscriptions to targeted digital resources by using funds under the control of departments and/or colleges.  Such arrangements exist with the approval of the fund manager, associated faculty, and library staff.   For more information on this, please contact Associate University Librarian for Collections


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