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Giving: Themes and Subjects

Video Promotion, published by Adam Matthew

Key Periods Covered

  • Pre-contact – including an interactive map for visualizations of American Indian migration and trade routes
  • Early contact between American Indians and Europeans settlers
  • The first days of the New Republic and the emerging Federalist Era
  • Relocation policy and the ensuing Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Indian Wars, the War of Independence and the American Civil War
  • Turn of the century politics and the Progressive Era
  • The impact of the Indian New Deal
  • The Red Power Movement and the occupation of Alcatraz
  • Current areas of interest in American Indian study – including an access to online exhibits and external links

Selection of Primary and Secondary Source Themes

  • American Indians and the European Powers
  • American Indians and the US Government
  • Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances
  • Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters
  • Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
  • First Nations of Canada
  • Missionaries and Education
  • Trade and Indian Economies
  • Civil Rights Movement

Information on Subjects Such as:

  • Early America and European colonialism
  • Territorial disputes, treaties, land cessions
  • The Indian Removal Act and termination
  • French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution
  • US Civil War, Battle of Washita, Battles of Little Big Horn
  • European and inter-tribal Indian alliances
  • Mexico and the surrounding areas
  • Canadian First Nations and the fur trade
  • Dissemination of Christianity, Jesuits, Missionaries
  • Education and Indian Boarding schools
  • Artwork, photographs, journals, travel narratives
  • Political activism; the Red Power Movement, Urban Indian Conferences, occupation of Alcatraz

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