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College Level Research: Compile Information

Build on your high school research experiences and adjust to the higher standards recommended for college research projects with these tips and guidelines.

Cornell Note-Taking Method

Organize Your Information

Make Spidergraphs

  • Group ideas & determine subtopics from all your sources
  • Determine the order to present the information
  • Make sure each idea has the citation information 

Develop Your Presentation Framework

Outline Your Presentation

  • Determine an organized framework and order of presentation; determine if any concepts are outside the scope of this project
  • Put information in outline format:  for each main idea, make sure you have evidence and supporting ideas 
  • Develop headings for each section 

The College Application Process

I. Introduction: pique the readers interest—why is this of interest (to you)


II. Choose Desired Colleges

A. Visit and evaluate college campuses

B. Visit and evaluate college websites

1. Look for interesting classes

2. Note important statistics


III. Prepare Application(s)

A. Write personal statement

1. Choose interesting topic

a. Describe an influential person in your life

i. Favorite high school teacher

ii. Grandparent

b. Describe a challenging life event

2. Include important personal details

a. Volunteer work

b. Participation in varsity sports

B. Revise personal statement


IV. Compile Résumé

A. List relevant coursework

B. List work experience

            1. Walmart cashier

            2. Mowing & garden assistance

C. List volunteer experience

1. Tutor at foreign language summer camp

2. Counselor for suicide prevention hotline


V. Conclusion—this project has helped prepare students for college


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