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College Level Research: Compose & Edit

Build on your high school research experiences and adjust to the higher standards recommended for college research projects with these tips and guidelines.



  • Develop each section, progressing through your outline in order
  • Refer to each original source to clarify information presented
  • Cite all information presented
  • Bibliography:
    • Verify that each source listed has been cited in your presentation at least once
    • Verify the publication information

Edit & Revise

First drafts often need editing and revision, and if you can wait a few hours, or overnight, that is often best.  With another color, make notes on your draft about what you need to revise.  Check:

  • Does it make sense?
    • Did you use the best language to explain the issue?
    • Does each paragraph develops an idea?
    • Does the body of your research address the issues presented in your introduction?
    • Does your conclusion reflect the evidence you presented?
    • Are there any loose threads that need to be addressed?
    • Do you have graphics? Refer to them or leave them out!
  • Grammar & spelling--proper language is important for an academic presentation!
    • verify that your verb form is appropriate for the subject of each sentence, and that the verb tense is consistent throughout the presentation
    • use appropriate punctuation
  • Citations
    • Verify each source listed in bibliography is cited in presentation
    • Verify each citation for correct spelling of author's name(s), title, page, etc.

If you can, ask someone to review your presentation and check for the above.  Also, take your draft to the Writing Center.  They will provide constructive criticism and answer your questions!

Remember, most authors have several editions before the final copy...this cycle takes time!

Samples of Research Projects

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