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Health Sciences Research: Where to Start

Choosing the best database or resource for your research needs can be overwhelming! Use this page to help you find what you need.

Start Here!

When you first start out with a new research topic, you may not know a ton about it, and that can make searching a frustrating process. Starting with the overview resources that you'll find on this page will make your life easier! These sources help you answer the big picture questions such as, 'how is this condition diagnosed/managed/treated?'

A few example questions that would be best answered by the resources on this page is:

  • "I have to write a paper about MRSA, but I really don't know where to start."
  • "How does gestational diabetes get diagnosed?"
  • "What are treatment options for generalized anxiety disorders?"

Quick Information

Point of care tools are designed to be used by healthcare providers at, well, the point of care. This means that the information will be succinct and not in a typical article format. These are great places to start your research, as they provide a nice overview without making you wade through tons of articles. 

How-To Videos

Online Textbooks

Textbooks also offer useful overview information without getting into too many specific details, or overwhelming you with research methodology. You don't even need to visit the library in person, as many of these books are fully accessible online.

Review Articles

Review articles normally give you a nice overview of a topic, which can be a very useful thing!


Off-campus Use of Library Resources

To use many of the resources on this page, you need to be affiliated with ISU (student, faculty or staff). When you click on a link you'll be prompted to enter your 9 digit ISU number and your last name. If you don't know your ISU number, you will find it on the top of BengalWeb once you log in. If you don't know your BengalWeb log-in information, contact the ISU IT HelpDesk: 208-282-4357

Concurrent Credit Students

For the RHS or MMACHS students who are also taking ISU courses, you should be able to access and use all of these resources. Contact the library if your off-campus log-in does not work. 

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