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Are you aware of your cognitive bias?

by Laura Gleason on 2019-11-08T17:18:10-07:00 in Advertising, Health Sciences, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Communication, Media, and Persuasion, Biology, Business | Comments

Cognitive biases - or the tendency to think in certain ways that lead to systematice deviations from a standard rationality of good judgment - color almost every aspect of our lives. Ten biases in learning are: confirmation bias, anchoring bias, Dunn-Kruger effect, Curse of Knowledge Bias, Functional fixedness, Mere Exposure effect, Not invented here bias, reatance, status quo bias, and system justeification bias. Source:

Want to know more?

Here is a list of published journal articles about bias. You can find them in full-text by typing the title into the OneSearch box, a tab on our homepage. These articles are about cognitive bias in various fields of study. Need help locating an article? Ask a librarian.

Altabbaa, G., Raven, A. D., & Laberge, J. (2019). A simulation-based approach to training in heuristic clinical decision-making. Diagnosis (2194-802X), 6(2), 91–99.

Bhardwaj, G., Crocker, A., Sims, J., & Wang, R. D. (2018). Alleviating the Plunging-In Bias, Elevating Strategic Problem-Solving. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 17(3), 279–301.

Busom, I., Lopez-Mayan, C., & Panadés, J. (2017). Students’ persistent preconceptions and learning economic principles. Journal of Economic Education, 48(2), 74–92.

Joslyn, M. R., & Haider, M. D. P. (2014). Who Knows Best? Education, partisanship, and contested facts. Politics & Policy, 42(6), 919–947.

Mazutis, D., & Eckardt, A. (2017). Sleepwalking into Catastrophe: COGNITIVE BIASES AND CORPORATE CLIMATE CHANGE INERTIA. California Management Review, 59(3), 74–108.

Shaw, A., Kenski, K., Stromer-Galley, J., Mikeal Martey, R., Clegg, B. A., Lewis, J. E., . . . Strzalkowski, T. (2018). Serious efforts at bias reduction: The effects of digital games and avatar customization on three cognitive biases. Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, and Applications, 30(1), 16–28.

Woolf, J., & Dixon, J. C. (2017). You’re hired! A hiring simulation for sport management students that incorporates the hidden profile phenomenon. Sport Management Education Journal (Human Kinetics), 11(2), 106–119. Retrieved from


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