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The Quack Quest - Discover Hidden Ducks in Oboler Library

by Laura Gleason on 2023-11-17T11:48:00-07:00 in Library Science | 0 Comments

WelcBlue rubber duck sitting on a library shelf.ome to the most unexpected adventure you'll ever experience within the walls of Oboler Library – the Quack Quest!


Yes, you read that right. Oboler Library is now home to a whimsical scavenger hunt: finding hidden ducks!


Why Ducks?

Last year, a library student employee brought a touch of whimsy to the library by hiding mini-ducks. The idea quickly took flight, and now, these little rubber ducks have become a charming and quirky part of our library culture.

How to Participate:

  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled: These ducks aren’t just sitting on shelves! They could be nesting in unexpected nooks, perched near study areas, or even floating near the library's entrance.

  2. Respect the Ducks: If you find a duck, feel free to snap a picture. Then leave it where you found it or re-hide it for the next duck hunter.

  3. Share Your Find: Found a duck? Share your find on social media with the hashtag #ObolerLibraryDucks and tag us. Let’s see who can find the most!

Let's Go Duck Hunting!

  • Stress Relief: Amid the pressures of academic life, hunting for ducks is a much-needed break and a bit of lighthearted fun.

  • Explore the Library: See parts of the library you might not usually visit. You might discover new resources along the way.

  • Community Building: Share your finds on social media! Where will you hide the next ducks for others to find?

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So, next time you’re studying and need a break, why not embark on a little duck hunt? You never know what you might discover – both duck-wise and knowledge-wise – in Oboler library.

Happy Duck Hunting!

Red duck in window at the library.


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